Elopement Wedding at Reykjanesviti in Iceland

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Gaby & German wanted a very special couple shot of them two.

The two are already a "Dream Team" and parents of two wonderful daughters but only officially married for two years now and apart from their wedding photos there are not many couple photos of the two existing, because usually the two are not in front but behind the camera - in beautiful Mexico, the two are wedding photographers :)) For us, it was something very special and of course a real challenge to have photographers and especially wedding photographers in front of our camera. Of course we bounced ourselves for the two and performed magic and Iceland did the rest for us.

Gaby had specially a white dress with her on her iceland trip - and very wise of this cold & windy country - a long white skirt combined with a thick white sweater (and an extra wide & long white down coat) and so we did a " wedding anniversary & wedding anniversary photoshoot "and also somehow a photoshoot, which felt like a" elopement styled photoshoot ", not only because of Gaby's white outfit but due to the due emotions awakening in front of the camera despite the very cold temperatures of only to 10 degrees Celcius in a very unique setting. The Icelandic wind was the godfather, so we did not even need a wind machine to ruffle Gaby's hair.

Our Elopement Styled Shooting took place in Reykjanesviti in the same way as the family photo shoot, at the very end of the wonderful Reykjanes peninsula which is only about 1 hour drive from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.